If it’s a solid rivet, we can make it

Securit Metal Products Capabilities

At Securit Metal Products, we pride ourselves on being able to meet our customers' needs. Knowing the business inside and out, we focus on doing one thing: making rivets. From solid aluminum rivets to stainless steel rivets, we may only do one thing but we do that one thing extremely well. With a team of loyal, experienced employees and a history of rising to the challenges that our buyers have presented us with, we have fostered a culture that encourages innovation, advancement and an unwavering commitment to quality. Our capabilities reflect the results of that culture and, because of it, we are proud to offer our customers an unmatched selection of the industry's highest quality solid rivets at competitive prices.

Securit can help you with:

  • Solid rivets in a number of materials, including aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and steel
  • Rivet diameters ranging from .020” to .625”
  • Rivet lengths up to 4.000”
  • Meeting AN/MS standards and IFI standards
  • Producing miniature rivets and shoulder rivets
  • Producing special cold-headed parts
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