Over 65 Years of the Best Solid Aluminum Rivets in the Industry

Solid Aluminum Rivets

Securit Metal Products has been manufacturing solid metal rivets, including solid aluminum rivets, for over 65 years. In that time, we’ve earned a reputation for our commitment to creating long lasting, efficient, and precision rivets. With a massive catalog of shoulder rivets, solid steel rivets, cold-headed specials, and more, we’ve helped a huge list of clients overcome the challenges that they face. No matter the application, we’re confident that we can help you do the same. That’s why our motto is, “if it’s a solid rivet, we can make it!”

Miniature rivets

Ranging from .020” to .125”, our miniature rivets are used in a number of products and applications. With a long history of producing high quality miniature rivets, our customers have come to depend on us to deliver extremely exacting, to-specification miniature rivets.

Solid aluminum rivets

Securit’s solid aluminum rivets, also called buck rivets, are our bread and butter. Time-tested and proven, aluminum rivets are the go-to choice for a large number of industries, from cookware to heavy transportation.

Cold-headed specials

Cold-headed specials are rivets without the riveted application. Including things like spacers, buttons, tumbling media, and pins, they are utilized to fasten things but, largely, not “riveted” into place.

At Securit, we’ve continually sought to expand our equipment and capabilities. With a range of machines, including one blow, two blow, and two die/two blow, combined with our ability to service our own machinery, we’re confident that we offer the widest selection and, more importantly, the most cost-efficient rivets in the business. If you’ve been searching for a rivet supplier that will work with you to understand your applications, pursue solutions that address your specific needs, and work closely with you to develop products that ideally suit your operation, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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