Source Solid Rivets from an Experienced Supplier

Source Solid Rivets from an Experienced Supplier

When it comes to acquiring the solid rivets that your manufacturing line needs to stay in motion, a few qualities are essential: experience, versatility, and service. Working with a supplier that exhibits these three qualities ensures that you get the parts that you need, that those parts meet the standards required, and that your supplier is capable of adapting to changing conditions. Since 1952, Securit Metal Products has been dedicated to garnering experience, creating an adaptable process, and providing our customers with the absolute best service in the industry. In today’s post, we’re going to look at why experience, versatility, and service matter when sourcing solid steel rivets and – more importantly – how Securit delivers them.


No two jobs – or applications – are ever the same. With over half a decade of experience manufacturing solid rivets, Securit has the experience that you need to tackle even the most difficult challenges. We pride ourselves on employing the best people, maintaining a roster of long-term employees, and training our people to understand – and address – common challenges.


Our motto, “If it’s a solid rivet, we can make it” isn’t just a series of words, it’s a mantra that we live by. No matter what your application, if it requires a solid rivet, we’re confident that our team can work with you to deliver exactly what you need. This versatility affords you a level of comfort – and confidence – in us that gives you the ability to move forward on projects without lost time or unnecessary research.


At Securit Metal Products, we know that great products are only half of the equation. We know that a great supplier must also offer a knowledgeable team that provides attentive, responsive service. If you’ve been searching for an experienced, versatile manufacturer of solid rivets that will work with you to understand – and address – your needs, contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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